07 Feb

WEEK 6February 6, 2024 I Messed Up and I’m Not Starting Over” (Graphic)


I’m not quitting. 

I’m moving forward from this place of sudden disaster.

It’s part of the journey.


I can’t believe it’s only been six weeks. In this past week we had a very serious crisis within our family and I had a weekend healing retreat where for one thing, I did not get enough sleep. Plus, I also veered a little off my plan… anyway, I ended up exhausted and dealing with congestion and a cold. But the real culprit in the situation, is that I didn’t drink enough water and I forgot to take some of my supplements and that created a situation of constipation. So I’m focusing on correcting that root issue, adding lemon to my water to help break up the mucous and giving myself plenty of rest. 


Each week, I’m looking back to remind myself of the good things I am doing to support healing in my body… 

• Health Journaling
• Colon Cleansing 
• Meal-prepping
• Adding dietary fiber
• Selecting a therapeutic diet

My new thing for this week:

• Phase 1 of my diet plan, focusing on candida cleanse.


We talked about candida overgrowth last week. I have selected a diet plan that cuts out all sugars, and I’m going to follow their menus and recipes so I don’t have to struggle with a lot of planning. I want to set myself up for success, so here are the things I’ve learned really help me to stick to a plan:

1) Routine: feed myself BEFORE I get hungry (that’s when I am most likely to pick up an old habit).
2) Remove the foods that are not on my plan. (I can’t eat them if they’re not in my house.)
3) Pray over each food and be intentionally thankful for it. (If I’m eating carrots, I want to be mindful that they are good for my eyesight.)


These new things that I’m doing each week – they are not just tips and tricks to get me to the result that I’m wanting. They are healthy habits that I VALUE. I want them to be so normal to me that it’s autonomic – like breathing. For example, I get up everyday and I make my bed. It’s just something I do. I don’t even think about it. I’ve always valued having a pretty bed in my room, but the truth is, I actually enjoy making it each day. It’s not just something my mom told me to do, or a chore I have to get through. I enjoy the process of putting the bed in order and preparing a welcoming place of rest to crawl into at the end of the day. 


Whatever therapeutic diet plan you have chosen, I hope you are excited about it. I hope you enjoy reading and learning about the plan. I hope you feel good about the time you spend planning and making your shopping list. I hope you feel free to take your time shopping and selecting quality produce. I hope you look forward to the time you spend preparing the foods. And I hope you appreciate the goodness of the foods you have spent so much time and energy putting on your plate. I’m not saying it has to be overly time consuming and complicated. I’m simply saying that it does take time – and if we choose to make it a good time, then it will be of greater VALUE to us. 


I’ve always thought of the body getting out of pH balance like a swimming pool. If the pH gets off, then a slimy film begins to grow in the water. Then it’s harder to clean up and debris gets caught up in it… and nobody wants to swim in that! That’s how it is in the body as well. We get out of balance and candida can just take over and then one thing leads to another. Sometimes, you have to SHOCK the pool. 


I’m ready to SHOCK my system! I want all the garbage out. I want my organs and tissues to be pink and healthy – not covered with yeast and sticking to every toxin that passes through. I will be adding a candida cleanse supplement, but I’m also going to use this cold I’ve got in a good way. Instead of feeding the congestion, I’m going to do a little lemon-water flush and some juicing for a couple of days before I start phase 1 of the diet. That wasn’t my original plan, but it’s actually a bonus. This will take my cleansing deeper AND by the time I start eating again, the super healthy food in the diet plan is going to taste so good that I’m not even going to miss the sweets or other foods that are not on the plan. 


I know a lot of people, myself included at times, who would just throw in the towel over a cold or a difficult life situation that throws us off track. But if I did that, I would actually be missing an opportunity. It’s not easy. But it is IMPORTANT. 


Hang in there, my friends. Your health is worth it! And please keep tuning in and sharing these links with your friends. 


Let’s pray… Lord you are a wonderful Creator and I am in awe that I am part of that Creation that you treasure. Today I want to pray for everyone that you have set on this path with me. Lord, bring healing into our minds, not just our bodies. Let us see ourselves the way You see us. Teach us to value the things that protect those things you VALUE in us. We thank you that the Holy Spirit is always here to comfort us in every circumstance of life. We pray healing over any who are sick with colds and flu symptoms – that you would use it to cleanse out everything in our bodies that is not of You. Thank you for being our peace in times of trouble. We will stay the course! In Jesus’ name. 

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