16 Jan

WEEK 3: January 16, 2024 “Is It Working?” OR “Poop Can Be Punny”

We have started our colon cleansing supplements.

Now what?

How do I know it’s working?


Is it working? Well…

The proof is in the pot…

The evidence is in the evacuation…

You are about to become a Professional Poop Inspector. (It doesn’t pay money, but it will pay off.)


I grew up with ZERO understanding of how my body works.

When I had a tummy ache, my mother would grab the pink stuff, at which point my eyes would roll into the back of my head from extreme nausea until I vomited.

But my grandmother, on the other hand, would ask when my last bowel movement was… at which point I would roll my eyes at her like she was a crazy old lady. She was not raised on the pink stuff. She was raised to understand that what you eat affects how your body functions, and often times, how you feel is the result of good functioning, or poor functioning.


When your colon is functioning properly, what do you expect to see?

Some say, “Food in, waste out,” therefore your bowels would move 3 times a day. That would definitely line up with the old “apple a day to keep the doctor away” adage. The problem is, very few people are actually eating apples. Apples got replaced by processed food cereals and bars. So now it’s “normal” for the general population to average only 1 bowel movement a day, or even 2-3 times per week.


I eat good food – food the way God made it. But once my body uses it and it becomes waste material, I don’t want it lingering around inside me. Years ago, we were in a produce co-op where everybody chipped in and ordered produce in bulk. We got the normal things we all loved and needed, but we also would try less common, interesting foods, too. When the trucks delivered the produce, we separated it, stuffed it into big gray plastic bins, and slapped on the lids for pick up. Well, it was wintery in Texas one day when I brought my produce bin home and set it in the garage, so I could run the kids to soccer and take care of other errands. Within a couple of days, it so happened that our little Texas winter had switched to a delightful summer… and I noticed an odor in the garage. The forgotten veggie bucket! Hoping I had not lost all my precious produce, I removed the lid to discover a putrid puddle of black goo on the bottom of the bin. All of that fluffy produce wilted down into sewage!  And I was shocked that that is exactly what it smelled like.


It is estimated that most people carry approximately 7 pounds of fecal matter in their colon. Often the medical community uses the term “healthy” from a perspective of urgent care, or as a term interchangeable with “common” among patients. Therefore, they may not consider excess waste in your colon to be a problem as long as your bowels are moving “regularly” – even if that’s only once a week. In natural wellness circles, we see more of a focus on preventative care. On this side of the spectrum “healthy” elimination might mean that if you eat, you poop – thus keeping the waste out of the body so that it doesn’t sit in the colon creating potential problems – especially in the case of the all too common leaky gut scenario. Generally speaking, you would want to see 2-3 bowel movements a day that are quick and easy to pass. If I drink beet juice, I expect to see red within about 18 hours.


There’s quite a bit of controversy about poop… frequency, shape, color, whether it should float or sink. Apparently if you get really good at pooping, you can donate your poop to some stinker who hasn’t quite figured it out. Not even kidding! It’s an actual medical procedure to implant “healthy” feces into the colon of someone who doesn’t have the proper bacteria in their intestinal environment to promote healthy bowels. I’m not even a fan of blood-brothers, I’m definitely not ready to declare that “one man’s poop is another man’s implant.” Yeah… don’t do that. We got better ways…


Have you heard of the Bristol stool scale? It’s a fairly well-done, but hideous chart you can google that shows pictures of poop along with descriptions. Each “type” of poop comes with a number. You can simply record this number in your daily health journal like a secret code so if anyone steals your diary, they don’t know you are actually a lavatory-spy. Seriously, there is more information here than your doctor probably gets running 5 fancy tests! Did you know that diarrhea can actually be about constipation? If you have an episode of diarrhea, but your journal notes having been constipated for several days leading up that, it probably isn’t bad news like food poisoning – it’s good news that you finally got the garbage out – albeit, explosively.  That being the case, the worst thing you could do is take something that would further harden your stools.


Here’s a brief description of the number code for the Bristol Stool Scale. Write it on a post it and stick it to your current journal page to use as a code for quick reference. If you want to do more research, Dr. Bernard Jensen has been a leader in the field of herbal cleansing for more than 50 years. His books are a good place to start.  


1 = separate hard lumps

2 = lumpy log

3 = log with folds and cracks

4 = smooth soft serve, or snake shape

5 = soft blobs with clear cut edges

6 = mushy blobs with ragged edges

7 = liquid


The goal is #3 or #4. Teach this potty code to your children so that they can give you a report on how things are going in the bathroom, which of course, will give you more knowledge of what’s going on inside their bodies and how each of your children reacts to the different foods you are feeding them. Equally exciting, it will also be good for a few laughs when your child goes to the restroom while at a gathering of family or friends and instead of reporting that they went the traditional #1 or #2, they shout, “MOM!, I went number 4!” You can simply look at the other moms, smile and say, “He’s an over-achiever.”


I actually had a rough day this past week myself – got a little constipated. HOW??? I’m popping poop pills and I’m drinking tons of water! Then I looked at my handy health journal and realized that the day before I had increased my fiber, but had gotten busy and accidentally decreased my water. So I was reaping today what I had sown yesterday. The good thing is that I do know it is working and I learned a “hard” lesson. Hee-hee.


We said before, that once the bowels are moving regularly, that is the time to add in your fiber. AND so I emphasize again - don’t forget the WATER, WATER, WATER!

Fiber IS my new thing for this week. Not just the supplement – I’m focusing on dietary fiber. I want a way to make getting fiber every day simple and easy. I’m trying to build a healthy diet routine that is going to progress my cleansing through the year goals and benefit every part of my body. So, here are two ways I’m building in fiber:




Fruit in the morning: in other words I eat fruit in the morning and I don’t eat anything other than fruit. In the morning, the body is in the elimination cycle, and fiber helps to push out all the toxins the body has been releasing during the night. But clean healthy organic fruit offers other benefits. It is the right kind of sugar that the body knows how to handle (and needs) to feed the brain. On an empty stomach, fruit is the simplest food to digest – a banana only takes 20 minutes, a green apple only takes 5 minutes! So the digestion of fruit is not taking away energy that the body really needs to be putting towards elimination. To some degree, fruit in the morning is extending your “fast,” which offers even more benefits, like potential weight loss and reducing the overall toxin intake. So grab a bowl of berries or make a Sunshine Smoothie with some fresh-squeezed orange juice, a handful of frozen strawberries and half a banana, or half an avocado.


Salad greens with some raw veggies such as carrots and celery are like the dance partner for both lunch and dinner. The main course may be like music, but it’s that dancing partner that keeps everything moving. Want to save the best for last? Great, eat that salad first and let it fill you up. It’s doing more than taking up space in your stomach so you don’t overeat. It’s loading up enzymes to greet the “meat” you eat and actually improve the digestive process. Salads are super easy to prep (you can prep them in advance for the week), and the more you eat them, the more your body will crave them.


I still hear the wisdom of my grandmother, “Did you have a good bowel movement today?” She was born in a time when nothing was described as natural – it just was natural. How the world has changed! She led an active life, grew a garden every summer, and only went out to eat for Saturday Night Hamburgers – and most of the time, they cooked those at home just to save money. She didn’t smoke, she didn’t drink, she went to bed after the news every night. But she did embrace all the modern conveniences that were introduced through the years. Short hair cuts for girls in the 20’s, women wearing pants in the 30’s, then came canned foods, pasteurized milk, cosmetic hair treatments, more processed foods, the microwave, etc… Sadly, in her nineties, she died of colon cancer. I watched her long tragic battle and heard her crying out to the Lord, “Why is this happening to ME?” One of my aunt’s explained that she wasn’t asking what she did to deserve this, she was literally asking about cause and effect – what did I do in my life that brought about this result? She knew the warning signs, but there was no way she could have predicted the overall consequences of this “new and improved” lifestyle of “modern convenience” that had snuck into her everyday world over the course of passing decades.


And yet, we can. And unlike the people born in the early 1900’s, we don’t have that all-natural foundation of health needed to carry us through modern health challenges into our 90’s. It is proven and documented that chemicals and processed foods are making us sick. We are surrounded by the information highway overflowing with “knowledge” that is just one click away. However, without a road map, or the right guide, it’s really hard to tell which information to follow. But you have a road map and a Guide. God designed your body with innate information. Your Health Journal will reveal the truth about YOUR body. You are your own best research scientist. You know how your body reacts to foods and chemicals. If you don’t, you will…


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Father God,

Thank you for information and knowledge! You said your people perish for lack of knowledge, so we are paying attention to your creation in us and your design in us. (Hosea 4:6)

Holy Spirit, fill us and be our Guide giving us wisdom to cleanse and restore. (Ephesians 5:18; Romans 8:26)

There is so much information available in this world – but we are seeking Your ways! (Isaiah 55:8-9) Thank you!

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