09 Jan

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Last week we started getting back into our normal healthy routines after all the holiday fun. AND many of us got started on a colon cleanse supplement program and started our Health Journals. If you didn’t do that, or you are just joining in – it’s not too late! Actually, it’s never too late…

Today I want to:

1) give you a sneak peak into the overall “cleansing through the year” plan, 

2) talk a little more about purchasing a colon cleanse, and

3) announce “my new thing” for this week.

But before we do that, let’s talk about progress… How did you do last week?

Did you shop for a colon cleanse? Did you start one?

Did you set up or start your Health Journal?

Did you make a list of all the symptoms you hope to see change this year?

Did you re-implement some of the healthy habits you already love?

Did you do a little research into a therapeutic diet plan you would like to follow, when we get to that point?

Well, I give myself at least 4 stars out of 5 – but, then again, I sort of had a head start! My struggle was in re-implementing good habits. I didn’t really get any exercise in, though I did notice that my exercise bike still exists in the corner of my bedroom slightly hidden by clothes dangling over it! Even if you only got one or two stars – it’s a start! And we’re going to be implementing all these good things as we go, so don’t worry about it, just start where you are and focus on moving forward!

1) Cleansing Through the Year

We cleanse because we live in a toxic world. Twenty years ago, people scoffed at this fact – I love that today, it is just common knowledge. I don’t know what the numbers are now, but back then, the statistic was that we are exposed to about 80,000 toxins per day – more than our grandparents were exposed to in their lifetime. While we know that this is true, if we don’t know what to do about it, it’s easy to forget about the numerous toxins in our processed foods, self-care products, cleaning chemicals, air fresheners, over-the-counter drugs, etc, – not to mention molds, parasites, bacteria, and cancer-causing free-radicals.

First things first: “Reduce the Load,” and “Open the Exit.”

There are basically 5 main avenues that the body uses to cleanse. The first course of action is to get the toxins out through the colon. But if the bowels are not moving effectively, then the body uses door number two, (which incidentally, we call #1), the kidney bladder. If that doesn’t work, the body decides to push as much out as possible through the lungs – it must take a lot of work for the body to take what should have gone out through the bowels and make it small enough to breathe out, don’t you think? And if that doesn’t work, the body says, “Hey, let’s just push this out through the skin – that’s a really big organ and an easy way out.” So, when I see rashes, breakouts, bumps, red moles, and brown patches on my skin, I know two things: 1) it’s a reflection of what’s going on inside my body, and 2) the first four pathways of elimination are maxed out and compromised.

So, I don’t know about you, but my body is definitely telling me it’s time to cleanse! So, I am saying back to my body, “Thank you for letting me know. Get ready to SPARKLE!” Cause there’s a Resolution Revolution about to take place!

The good news is, that when we reduce the toxic load and cleanse the colon, the other organs of the body begin to function better, as well. Many times I have done a colon cleanse and felt so much better! But this year I am not stopping there – I am going to cleanse candida and parasites. I am going to cleanse and strengthen my kidney and bladder. Then come spring, I’m going to do a full liver cleanse and also give my gallbladder a little tender loving care. After that, I also plan to do some special things to specifically support my heart, ligaments, muscles, lymph, lungs, skin and more. Stick with me, my resolution friends, and we will take our health to the next level together.

2) Choosing and Starting a Colon Cleanse

Let’s start at the beginning. The colon cleanse. Opening the exit.

Picture an older home where the water in the sink drains out slowly. There’s a black gunky build-up in the pipes that’s narrowing the exit. But it’s worse than that. Inside that gunk, bacteria is thriving. And when this same thing happens inside our bodies, that bacteria reproduces and eats its way through the protective lining of our colon, entering our bloodstream and creating a leaky gut. This leads to inflammation, allergies, bloating and many other unwanted symptoms.

The purpose of a good colon cleanse is to remove all of that mucoid plaque that has built up, evict all the unwanted bacteria and parasites, and strengthen the colon. There are three key ingredients working together to create a scrubbing action inside the colon:

a) an herb like Cascara Sagrada to restore normal motility to the colon,

b) an enzyme to break up the gunk so that it’s easier to move, and

c) fiber, such as psyllium seed, to push it along through the intestine.

I take these three ingredients in separate supplements. I take my cascara sagrada in the morning and before bed on an empty stomach. I take the enzymes along with the cascara sagrada and one other time between meals. I do the fiber once in the morning and once in the evening. If you already work with a natural practitioner like a chiropractor or even a massage therapist, you can ask them if there is a product they recommend. Or, you can ask the knowledgeable people who work at your natural foods store in the supplement department.

3) ”My New Thing” for this week is… WATER! When taking a fiber supplement, it’s important to drink 2-3 quarts of water per day to prevent constipation. I have always struggled with drinking enough water – it’s like I don’t even recognize the feeling of “thirst.” Even when I was little, I thought it was strange that my little brother would say, “I’m thirsty,” and I just never felt that way. Then during my senior year in college, I started experiencing sudden severe attacks of stomach pain and shortness of breath. The doctor I went to completely mis-diagnosed me with a catch-all label of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and put me on loads of fiber. He did not ask me about my water intake or express the importance of drinking water while on the added fiber, and this created a chaos of alternating constipation and diarrhea – which incidentally IS irritable bowel syndrome! Now, I was really sick and had to stick close to the bathroom for days at a time. I missed so many PE classes that I almost didn’t graduate. Turns out, it was only an allergy to shellfish! Since it was my senior year, we had been having lots of celebrations and eating seafood more than usual. That combined with the stressed-out, toxic body of a college student just sort of tipped the scales.

I was in my 30’s when I really began to realize the importance of drinking water. Now, when I’m giving my body adequate amounts of water every day, I DO recognize the feeling of thirst. But it’s easy to slip back into my old ways.

So… MY NEW THING IS… drumroll please…

~~~ I prep 5-6 16-ounce bottles of water to drink each day.~~~

I like glass bottles because they are clear and clean. I use purified water. To some of them, I will add the juice of half a lemon, or a drop of food-grade essential oil with a couple drops of stevia.

BONUS – this also greatly benefits the kidneys, but then, that’s jumping ahead, we’ll focus more on the kidneys later.

The source of our water is an important choice we make, especially given that we drink so much of it. I don’t drink spring water because I’m trying to get rid of contaminants like bacteria and parasites from my body, not add them in. Currently, I’m doing the best I can with the filtration system in the fancy new fridge I had to buy when I moved. Ideally, I plan to invest in a Berkey system, but until then, I’m working with what I have. For many years, I carried in distilled water and added mineral drops (from the natural health store). This is a good idea if you’re dealing with serious health issues and you don’t have something like a Berkey system to purify your water.

Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint – we’re laying a strong foundation and covering lots of ground with these first few steps. This week is easy-peasy, and literally lemon-squeezy!

1)Keep your colon cleanse going…

2)Drink lots of good clean water…

3)Do the good things that make you feel good!

Thanks for joining me on this year-long adventure! Please hit subscribe on the youtube channel, subscribe to the “emails with details” on the resolutionrevolutionlife.com website, and watch for more resources that are still being added. Remember, the video and the write-up are the same, so you can read it if you’re in a quiet place, or catch the video while driving or doing the dishes. And please, please, please, share this with a friend – they will thank you!


Father God, we thank you that you that you meet us where we are. (John 20:19-29)

When we take a step back, we ask you to give us two steps forward!!

We thank you for this process of cleansing through the year and ask you to use it for healing every cell of our bodies and in our emotions, thoughts, and choices. (3 John 1:2)

Fill us with your Holy Spirit to guide us and give us wise counsel in every decision regarding our well-being. (Galations 5:16-26)

You have set before us life and death, and we choose LIFE and LIFE ABUNDANTLY!! (Deuteronomy 30:19-20)